We are now well into the digital age.  And, in order to participate, we all need our digital stuff. But not just any old stuff. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you'll need good stuff... really good stuff. Stuff that's highly visible; that's needs based; that's user focused; that's collaborative and innovative... that's results driven. And that's where We Build Stuff comes in. Because we build stuff that fully delivers on these core criteria - and more...

The website we build for you won't just be great in both form and function, it'll be a smart website.

The custom applications we engineer aren't just great process automation developments, they're beautiful to use and peruse, available-anytime-anywhere, AI-powered, globally ubiquitous, native Cloud apps.

And our service isn't just about great front-end deliverables. All the stuff we design and build is implemented with a detailed understanding of - and years of experience in - what it takes to create and maintain a strong and growing Internet presence.

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 Smart Websites 

"No templates are (ab)used in the making of our websites!"

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G reat digital stuff is not delivered with just great IT skills, or even great programming skills.  As important as those prerequisite technical talents are, it's the inspirational oomph! of the creative dimension, plus the empowering depths of knowledge and innovative audacity that only comes with years of experience, that underpin the building of great stuff.

These are the foundations of the Smart Website by We Build Stuff.

And, then, we add the hand-crafted magic...

  • You need a world-class design? Check.
  • You need motivational copy? Check.
  • You need a dynamic UI that reads as well and looks as good no matter what device is being used? Check.
  • You need the behind-the-scenes technical and SEO smarts that maximises the potential reach and visibility of your presence on the web? Check.
  • You require a needs-based solution that can - and does - evolve just as your organisation evolves? Check.
  • You need that extra dimension of an engaging, ‘sticky’ User eXperience built right into your smart website from the ground up? Check!

So, go ahead... check out what We Build Stuff can do for you. Call or contact us now - it’s obligation free!

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 Cloud Apps 

"We've made it our mission to make the Cloud affordable and available to everyone!"

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 H ey... I’m not a multi-national corporation!  Why should I be reading about Cloud Apps by We Build Stuff? (Let alone even thinking about commissioning one for my business?)


  • With cloud-enabled available-anytime-anywhere access, your custom application is at your fingertips from any connected smartphone, tablet, or computer on the planet.
  • With the efficiency and effectiveness of current, continuous development programming and deployment tools, your custom business process can be automated within budget and time constraints that, for the first time, brings realistic affordability to the small and medium business space.
  • Did you know that powerful AI services – the sort of science fiction-sounding stuff that you read about in the press – have been democratised and are now affordably available to everyone? Globally distributed cloud hosting and computing platforms (such as our provider, Microsoft Azure) allow We Build Stuff to integrate sophisticated services into your custom-built app – capabilities such as native language search, geolocation and custom mapping, language translation, speech-to-text conversion, image and facial recognition... even big data analysis.
  • Our team offers the expertise and experience to bring all these tools, technologies and platforms together transparently, seamlessly and painlessly to deliver an affordable, useable solution for your specific needs.
  • In fact, we’ve made it our mission to make this level of technology accessible to everyone!

So, go on... pretend you’re a multi-national corporation, at least for a few minutes - just long enough to find out what exciting stuff we could build for you. Call or contact us now - it’s obligation free!

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 Internet Presence 

"Want to take over the world? First... you need to take over the Internet!"

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 I nternet presence management is mistakenly thought of as the reserve of the big brands.  But managing your online presence and web reputation is just as important for – and now as accessible to – small and medium sized businesses. On today’s Internet, where any old online search will usually return results in the billions, owning just a website is, in many cases, no longer enough.

Our Internet Presence solution is designed to meet the increasing demands of this exponentially expanding online universe.

It will:

  • grow your visibility on the web,
  • increase your brand awareness – no matter how large or small your target market,
  • and provide tools to quickly respond to brand-related complaints and queries.
All using an appropriate – and proportionate – combination of search optimisation, integrated blog, social media channels, online advertising, and even specialised mini-sites. While, at the same time, implementing a continuous process of improvement – ensuring your presence and recognition continues to expand over time as well as powering ongoing growth in the all-important links back to your central point of business conversion, your smart website.

The Internet is a big place. An Internet Presence by We Build Stuff offers an expert and affordable road map to navigating your whole online world.

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